Why us

We recruit and retain the best talent for you

Dev BPO’s rapid growth and engine driving success is our ability to attract and retain the best talent. We have supported a wide range of requirements for our clients with diverse hiring requirements ranging from 50 call center agents to a few senior seasoned industry managers.

Unlike our competitors, we do not levy a charge on recruitment or other so called one-time setup fees. When we initiate a project for you we only get paid the day you decide to hire a candidate we have presented to you. You will pay only for hours actually worked by them. You will not have to bother for leaves, retention or even not for replacements of virtual employees you hire with us.

Our professional and fully managed operations model supports handpicking your own staff. In this model, we can give you candidates to be interviewed by your team and  handpick them for some special tasks.  Thus, We can provide our clients facility to  screen and select themselves the potential candidates they wish to hire, should they prefer that as an option. Unlike many outsourcing companies, this enables us to ensure we endorse candidates who can meet your exact requirements

Benefits we bring in

Based on the specific requirements of each and every client and vertical, our expert management team suggests with robust outsourcing solutions to increase the quality and efficiency to generate value for our clients. Our service levels are clearly defined in line with the business objectives. They are time-measured and analyzed so that the corrective actions are taken to guarantee the right deliverable. Further we also submit daily reports with all output statistics and call recordings a well to enable your to analyse the work done with Dev BPO . This enables you to  suggest any improvements required for the process to optimize the performance. 

We emphasizes on the redesign of the operations to offer economies of scale and higher effectiveness. When Dev BPO takes on a particular project, no matter what metrics are involved, our success is finally measured by our client satisfaction.

Whether your reason to outsource are technology limitations, quality, growing expenses, time lines or a combination of all, we bring you our approach that is designed to customize solutions that will work and define the business objectives bringing you the positive affect all the way to the core business. You can expect following benefits by outsourcing projects to us.


We ensure that we get the data correct the first time and whenever we face any problems in the process, we quickly put it up as a query to you and resolve the issue immediately to avoid the scope of errors in final output. We never allow problems to multiply.

Turn Around Time

We deliver on time, the size of the project being immaterial. This is achieved by ensuring that our people work in multiple shifts. We project the requirement of work force and shift timings before finalization of the contract and make them available exclusively for the project and hence we always complete the project before time to avoid unnecessary follow up by clients.


We offer our services at a cost that give you around 40%-60% cost savings. This is possible as we operate in a cost effective city in India with resources at our fingertips of highly educated seasoned and experienced personnel. We make our recruitment procedure robust to ensure that quality staff is recruited and talent in a cost effective city is absorbed to make our rate cheapest and most competitive in the industry. You will be sure about this point once you compare our quotes with the other companies in the industry.


We have 5 years long experience of serving customers from Dubai and Europe in their outsourcing requirements. We can provide you with a list of some of the clients/companies to which we are providing outsourcing services at present along with their contact details as references. You can click below to have references of existing clients.

Specialized Teams

We have set up dedicated teams to handle specialized areas of data entry and data conversion jobs. So, you can be assured of being in safe and reliable hands when you outsource to us. We do not mix one project with another. The team will be dedicated to your project to keep you up to date for the project simultaneously completing the project in time with excellent Quality control.

Process Flow:

Dev BPO’s operational approach is based on an objective of gaining maximum productivity using cost-friendly methods at the same time our main focus of providing quality results is never forgotten. At Dev BPO, we replace the usual hierarchies by more process-specific guidelines with each person working as an integral part of the whole unit and each division being independent, but contributing to the benefit of the Process as a whole.

Transition Management by expert team manager

Transition Management serve to be one of the significant roles in an organization involved in either off-shoring or outsourcing. It is the responsibility of a Transition manager for migrating the process or function from the donor organization or location to the organization that outsources it. That is to say our Transition manager will advise the clients to evaluate the benefits by outsourcing the process and also advice the method by which the particular process can be outsourced. This will result in seamless transition and efficient handover of the process by our clients.


Dev BPO combines together robust infrastructure, advanced technology and a pool of talented people bringing together their specialization on a proven model to serve different companies all over the world seamlessly and cost effectively. For generation of reports for work done even during the currency of the process, our Technical executives will facilitate the clients to access the progress of the process on real time basis by providing various login levels directly to clients on website or ftp sites developed and maintained for the purpose of real-time monitoring by clients on larger projects.